I had such a wonderful experience with Priscilla. Our session was very enlightening to me and I have now grown a strong interest for crystals. Based on her gift, I have felt much clarity in my life and understand the people around me in a much different light. I can't wait for my next session with her.

-Tiffany B.  Ontario, Canada

Today I had my cards read showing my 2018 forecast by Priscilla. She provided a lot of clarity and insight to a lot of “what if’s” I had been pondering. Priscilla was really easy to talk to and so welcoming. I highly recommend her and will definitely be back to see her again!

-Chelsey M.  Leduc, Alberta

I recently had a Crystal Healing session as well as a Akashic Records Reading done by Priscilla. I have always reacted strongly to any sort of reiki healing and the crystal healing was no exception - it was very peaceful and relaxing. The akashic records reading afterwards offered some insight as to why my reactions to reiki are always so strong. As well, it was extremely interesting to begin to learn about my past lives! The reading clarified several things I was thinking about only days before. It was like Oprah's "ah-ha" moments - very enlightening! I am very much looking forward to further readings with Priscilla - she is beautiful and talented soul who has so much to offer. I have recommended and will continue to recommend her services to all who are willing to open themselves to new ideas.

-Shylo S.  St. Albert, Alberta


I've been feeling great overall since the aura healing!  I'm so glad I decided to embrace it.  Like you said, it took a couple days for things to set in, but once they did I really noticed a change in my overall mood.  I feel happier, lighter and more peaceful.  My intuition has heightened and I was finding myself reaching for a pen and paper to write down messages that I can only describe as advise from angels/guides.  Life is just so much better when you're able to tune in and receive them!  

My boyfriend was working out of town when I saw you for the healing, and even he noticed a difference in me when he got home.  I know it has helped me tremendously.  Thank you for being brave enough to share your gift with others, so they can open up to theirs as well.  (Egyptian Aura Clearing)

-Emma M.  Stony Plain, Alberta

Priscilla I have had some successes after the healing where I affirmed emotional and financial abundance and freedom. I have gone through major shifts, as you know, with my crown chakra opening up. I experienced a week or so of intense headaches, and during this time after our session I felt spiritually invigorated and really delved back into my learning, which I have always been passionate about but always put it to the side due to my busy schedule. Emotionally, I have felt more empowered and less irritable, and I started to say daily affirmations about my emotions with regards to my HAPPY & LOVING relationship which have also helped me in my emotional sphere.

Financially, I feel much more at ease approaching the holidays and the new year.  I have accepted countless blessings since the Egyptian Aura Clearing with extra work and opportunities to let my talents shine!  I am very pleased with my outlook now on both by emotional and financial sphere and look forward to seeing you again to reaffirm in the future!  The blessings keep rolling in! I'm so excited!!

With gratitude,

-Taylor K.  Spruce Grove, Alberta

What an experience today was...I feel like a new human and Priscilla Lightworker is truly magic!  If any of this resonates with you or you have ever been curious about this type of work, Priscilla is amazing!  Thank you again for everything! (Atlantean Healing)

So grateful for Priscilla for helping me to clear, heal and guide me in my past two sessions with her.  Today was the Egyptian Aura Healing and it was truly an amazing experience.  Looking forward to working with you in the future and applying all this knowledge to my art work! 

-Richard A. Edmonton, Alberta

Hi Priscilla, I had an amazing deep sleep last night. I feel well rested and the hip pain I had feels way better. I can’t remember the last time I woke up saying that was a good sleep!  Thank you! (Reiki Healing)

-Christina C.  Stony Plain, Alberta

I found the Egyptian Aura Healing very grounding and intriguing.  The ritual aspect of the healing was something I'd never done and really enjoyed.  I felt engaged in the ceremony and also felt very connected to the messages I received.  It was an amazing experience.

-Melissa M.  Edmonton, Alberta 

Hi Priscilla, thank you so much for the healing.  I loved it.  I definitely felt more connected and open after the session, and a quality of spaciousness continued throughout the weekend.  I especially noticed the grounding effect, as I often feel not-very-grounded.  That was very helpful.  Thank you for all that you do.  You're the best.   (Egyptian Aura Healing)

-Brandy D.  St. Albert, Alberta

I really enjoyed my treatment with Priscilla! I was very relaxed and calm after! The next day I found I could connect to my yoga practice like I had never before! I will be seeing her again! (Reiki Healing)

-Dana D.  Redwater, Alberta

I just love your beautiful energy! My reiki session was so so amazing! Thank you for you!

-Carole'Anne S.  Stony Plain, Alberta

Priscilla is extremely talented and an inspirational healer. She has introduced me to a new way of healing and opened my eyes to an entirely new experience. I believe her services can be beneficial to everyone willing to open their mind and I am so excited to have begun this new journey of clarity, understanding and love for myself and others, thanks to Priscilla.  (Reiki Healing)

-Brittney S. Edmonton, Alberta

I saw Priscilla this past weekend, what an amazing experience. She was kind, soft and I feel blessed to have shared healing with her. She was insightful, and so calming. I felt like I could breathe after. She heard what I needed to heal and definitely released some stuff I had been holding onto for years. I would highly recommend a session or 10. Absolutely a beautiful experience. I will definitely be back. Light and love.  (Reiki Healing)

-Kellie B, Okotoks, Alberta

I am grateful for Priscilla. She has been my friend for a lifetime, or two. Our relationship has taken on new heights as she is now my healer and card reader. I love discovering parts of myself through her. Her Reiki sessions leave me feeling a combination of a hyper sense of relaxation with a newfound energy. She guides me through issues I never knew were giving me stress and leaves me feeling relief. And I have always left meeting a new guide or piece of wisdom from one. Her card readings are always a confirmation of what I think I know. It’s great to get confirmation. But, as well, there is always something she brings light or awareness to. Thank you Priscilla for spreading your healing to me.  (Reiki Healing)

-Lindsey H.  Lamont, Alberta

Priscilla is an amazing soul ,my experience with her was so peaceful.  I can’t wait to share more healing moments with her.  (Reiki Healing)

-Susana S. Edmonton, Alberta

This amazing woman has helped my to find an inner strength in me that I never knew was there. Priscilla has helped me to become a better version of me. She has helped me to close a gap and connect with myself. I have become more self-aware of who I am and what I deserve. She is truly a blessing to my life!  (Reiki Healing)

-Kelsey W.  Spruce Grove, Alberta

I am very grateful to have this lightworker in my life. I have received numerous card readings and reiki sessions from Priscilla and am always left feeling rested, relaxed and healed. I learn something new about myself each time I see her. Whether in search of healing, clarity or balancing I know I will receive what I need during a session with her. (Reiki)

I received another healing session from Priscilla but this time in the form of Crystal healing and an Akashic record reading. I have had many amazing reiki sessions where I have met guardians and angels, received insight, healing and have gone on life altering journeys. I have to say that this session was my favorite. I felt lighter than ever and learned so much about myself and my relationship with my husband. Most importantly I found my voice and the reasons for why I lost it so many life times ago. I am forever grateful to have this lightworker and friend in my life and look forward to many more wonderful journeys and lifetimes with her.

-Erin A. Onoway, Alberta

Priscilla has been such a blessing to my journey. She has helped further my sense of awareness and my spiritual gifts. Also she has offered a channel of guidance no matter what I may be going through. Her gift is truly amazing and full of love. I recommend seeing her no matter what you have going on in life. You will leave her feeling a sense of peace and reassurance.  (Reiki, Crystal, Atlantean and Egyptian Healing).

-Minh Thu L.  Edmonton, Alberta

Reiki Level I Student



I can't believe that was your first time teaching Reiki Level 2.  You truly have found your calling!  That was one of the best teaching situations I have ever been in from dance to anything in my life!  

I know I'm biased but I would continue to always work with you because of your laid back but positive approach to teaching!  In my opinion, that's what it is about...when you can be yourself and focus in to the right mindset, the true intention comes out!  I feel like a new human being!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I hope you keep flying high knowing the impact you have on peoples lives.  

-Richard A.  Edmonton, Alberta

Reiki Level I and II Student 

I cannot thank you enough.    I’m doing fantastic since the Reiki Level I attunement.   I am excited about my transformation and spiritual awakening.   Since the attunement I have been meditating every night and love the insight app...... this is huge for me I have NEVER mediated before!   Prayed a lot but never mediated.    I'm sleeping better, taking better care of myself, eating better and lost 16 lbs.      


I was brought up religious and I am not attending church often and do not feel fulfilled when I do.   It felt like more of a family obligation.  For this I felt guilt.   Now with a spiritual awakening and awareness I am able to find the spirit with me in my everyday actions thoughts and interactions with strangers.    I’ve always had this intuition, thinking about someone, or spotting a complete stranger that grabs my attention.   They are in need and I am not sure why.    Occasionally I will action my gut feeling but more often I will wait it out see what happens.   Now I trust my gut.  Contact that person, cause I know they need it..... or I need it! 

Thanks to you for giving me the confidence to act, make contact and spread love.   

-Donna S.  Gibbons, Alberta

Reiki Level I Student