12 Month Forecasts

These readings are the perfect way to see what your life path has in store for you over the next year.  Drawing one card per month, you will be guided through a breakdown of the energies and receive wisdom about how to best apply it.  A very clarifying reading that provides peace, light and breath guided by Angels, Ascended Masters and Goddesses.  

$100.00 online via email or Zoom

Akashic Records

The Akashic Records (Book of Life) are the energetic records of your soul's past, present and possible future lives.  Each lifetime contains it's own book containing every deed, word, feeling, thought, intent and event that occurred at that time.  Accessing your records are a great way to receive guidance on questions about current relationships, phobias or perceived blocks.  How you integrate the information is up to you as much wisdom and understanding will be presented to you.  

$75.00-125.00 online via email or Zoom

Couples Reading

Discover your Past Lives together with an Akashic Records reading. Learn about the lives and love you've shared and come to a better understanding of how your relationship has evolved. Then take a look forward with a 12 month forecast. Find out what blessings and lessons will be coming your way.

$200.00 online via Zoom

Intuitive & Oracle Card Readings

Intuitive & Oracle Card readings are a wonderful way to receive guidance and clarity about those pressing questions that run non-stop through your mind.  One can receive wisdom relating to relationships, career, love, abundance, travel, health and much more.  Each reading provides a glimpse into the near future with the opportunity to embrace the guidance given or to make changes now to reveal a brighter future.  Brief reiki treatments and/or cord cutting may also be used if required.  I connect with the highest beings of light for all readings which include:  Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters, Dragons, Fairy Queens & Fairies, Goddesses, Mermaids, and Unicorns.  A great way to receive peace of mind and to feel lighter knowing you are provided for.  

$75.00-125.00 online via email or Zoom

Past Life Readings

If you're like me and have always been fascinated by the thought of exploring your past lives, this reading is for you.  Using a combination of oracle cards and a look into your Akashic Records, this reading will dive deep into uncovering what has brought you to this point.  Feel drawn to someone or somewhere?  Have a phobia you can't explain?  Don't know how you know something but you just know?  These are all inklings that you have been here many times before and are integrating the lessons learned into this lifetime.   

$75.00-125.00 online via email or Zoom

Solar & Lunar Eclipse Readings-Online

Eclipses serves as spotlights to see, feel and respond differently to things in our life that what is routine.  They have the ability to stir things up on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.  They support big shifts in consciousness and bring changes into our lives.  As points of rebirth, they allow us to go within and work out our highest truth. 

$75.00-$125.00 online via email or Zoom


Full & New Moon Card Readings-Online

Grandmother Moon provides a big presence in our lives.  How she shifts from one phase to another effects our mood, sleeping patterns, energy levels, ability to focus and handle our emotions, what we desire and when we feel inspired.  Full Moons are a time of letting go, while New Moons inspire us to manifest.  Uncover what each moon cycle is bringing into your life with an oracle card reading. 

$75.00-$125.00 online via email or Zoom

Home & Business Services


Sacred Geometry Crystal Gridding

Adding crystal grids to your home/business helps keep it in a state of homeostasis while also protecting it physically and spiritually and raising the vibration. Once up, it stays there forever. Through the use of Sacred Geometry, I will place four separate crystal grids throughout your home with separate but unifiable purposes: three layers of protection, bringing God/Creator into your space, bringing the gods and goddesses of light into your space and 

then adding a final layer for manifestation and completion. 

Full day process starting at $600

Feng Shui Crystal Gridding

The ancient Chinese art of feng shui helps to place nine activated crystals to the best advantage in your space. Bringing abundance, fame/reputation, love, family/community, health/balance, creativity/success, knowledge, career, and helpful people/travel to you through strategic gridding. 

Prices start at $300

Energetic Temples

Through the use of Sacred Geometry I will place three temples into your space for great empowerment and blessings in your life. Designed to bring harmony, safety, spirituality, soul, love, high magic and power into your space; especially effective for those who practice ritual or healing work. 

Suggested to be created in your home twice per year.

Full day process starting at $450