Atlantean Healing


Hailing from the Golden Era of Atlantis and working with the Angels of Atlantis, this healing works on multiple levels:  balancing the chakras and four elements of the body, the auric field, third eye activations, heart healing, past life traumas/issues, and the physical body.  It can include Atlantean psychic surgery and etheric crystal healing for greater physical healing.  

This healing is extremely powerful yet very gentle and will continue to work for days or even weeks afterwards.  A wonderful add on is the Goddess bath to give yourself the full Atlantean healing experience.  

Each session includes a written channeled reading as well as an Atlantean Card reading.  

$200.00/2 hours


Atlantean Soul Retrieval


The Atlantean Soul Retrieval therapy is a gentle, relaxing and beautiful way to call back the fragmented parts of your soul broken off from shock, injury, and/or trauma.  It brings balance and harmony back to the soul and therefore back into your life, creating a sense of wholeness and peace.  

This healing is facilitated by the Angels of Atlantis, Archangels Michael, Raphael and Gabriel, the Ascended Masters as well as the Unicorns of Atlantis.  It can only be performed by an Atlantean Healing Practitioner Master™ with the effects lasting for several weeks.   

The pre-requisite to receive the Atlantean Soul Retrieval is to have first received an Atlantean Healing to bring you into harmony with the energy from Atlantis.   Each session includes a written account of the healing as well as an Atlantean Card reading. 

$200.00/2 hours

Crystal Healing


This treatment is done using Crystal healing methods and rites from the Ancient Mystery Schools.  It empowers you to heal old and new wounds while stepping into a pure mind to increase energy flow into the body, bringing in good fortunes and a state of well being.  

Through the use of crystal grids and guided meditation, I will take you to the heart of Mother Gaia to receive a four elemental sacred geometry healing.  You will breathe, you will rest, you will find clarity and find yourself.  

Healing to the emotional, mental and physical bodies will occur while also helping with digestion and skin problems, reproductive issues, low libido and more.  

Crystal healing is an ancient healing modality with gentle, yet powerful effects.  Each session includes a three card reading.

$200.00/2 hours

Egyptian Aura Clearing


This healing balances the energies within the 7 layers of the aura and the human body. It is a unique healing modality that calls upon the power of the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses with the use of Sacred Geometry.  Ritualistic in nature, it is an advanced healing for those who have already travelled deep onto their healing path.  It will sync up your thoughts, passions, dreams, plans and actions and help you manifest your deepest desire.  Amazing healing to have on Eclipses, New Moons and special numerological dates.

Each session includes a written channeled reading as well as an Oracle Card reading.  

Ideally adding a Goddess bath to help integrate the healing is a great gift to yourself.  

$250.00/2.5 hours

Ensofic Reiki Healing


The Ensofic Ray is the highest, brightest and most powerful ray of energy.  It has the qualities of purity, clarity, and focused concentration. This ray has the power to clear and heal negative thoughts and patterns. It is the 1st ray of creation; it is pure, straight to the point and penetrates right to the core to activate the codes of divinity within you.

This is a great modality for those lacking passion for life, lacking desire, feeling like they are of track from their potential and purpose, stuck in a rut – it awakens the desire to love and manifest that limitless light here in the physical. Space is very specially prepared. A virtual temple is created as the world of spirit is called in.

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The healing is done in three 2hr sessions.

$200.00/2 hours

Reiki & intuitive healings

Intuitive Healings


As an Intuitive and a Usui, Crystal and Karuna® Reiki Master, I design custom healings based on my client's needs.  Guided through meditation and assessing what you need most to bring peace, love and clarity to your being, we will take a deep and profound journey.  

Sessions can include:

-Connecting to your Animal Spirit Guide, Guardian Angels or Loved Ones in Heaven

-Unicorn Crystal Healings

-Venus Heart Healings

-Cosmic Chakra Activations

-Journeys to Atlantis, Egypt, Middle Earth, 

Venus, and more.

Clients always leave feeling lighter, more at peace, grounded and with the ability to breathe easier and deeper.  For some it will be a start of  their spiritual awakening, for others their continuation.  

Each session includes a three card reading.

$200.00/2 hours

$150.00 distantly

Crystal Reiki


A combination of Crystal, Karuna® and Usui Reiki techniques to bring peace, love, light, clarity and breath to your being.  If you are attracted to crystals and want to experience a truly blissful experience, this healing is for you.  As a Crystal Healer Practitioner and Crystal Reiki Master, I offer many tools in each session to bring your body into harmony.  

Each healing includes Crystal Reiki symbols and grids, a chakra balance,  and often light and sound therapy.  Crystal healings are known for gently pulling out and releasing stuck issues and can assist with physical injuries, anxiety, fear, stress, toxic emotions or thoughts, malfunctioning immune systems and much much more.  

Each session concludes with a three card reading.  

$200.00/2 hours

$150.00 distantly

Animal Reiki


Animals need healing too and are often carrying dis-ease and heaviness as a result of their love for their humans.  

As an Animal Reiki Practitioner, I am able to help bring healing and peace to animals of all sizes including:  pets, farm animals, and even those in the wild.  

Healings can be done distantly and in person, although the animal must give permission to receive the healing which I assess intuitively. 

Please contact me for a consultation and we can assess how to proceed.  

Distance healings $40.00

In person $100.00/hour plus travel

Healing packages

Goddess Healing Package


For all my soul sisters out there who have forgotten who they truly are:  Goddesses, Wise Women, Wisdom Keepers and the Divine Feminine incarnated.  It's time to awaken, to shine your light brightly and to rise together to bring balance and harmony back to your body, mind and soul so we can continue to bring our world back into light.  

Each session includes a therapeutic intuitive healing session with guided meditation blessed by Isis and Venus, a luxury milk Goddess bath by candlelight with flowers, essential oils and relaxing music, and a 30 minute Goddess Oracle Card Reading to provide clarity on the steps ahead.  

Yule Goddess Healings occur  December-February and  include special gifts to align you to the hibernating winte energy. 

$250.00/2.5 hours

Moon Healing Package


Full Moons are known to help you release and let go of what's no longer serving you. New Moons help you to get clear about your goals and help you to manifest them.  The energy of these moons are strongest the day before, day of and day after the event.  

Your two and a half hour session includes a beautiful Crystal healing session for healing old and new wounds, crystal rites for good fortune, a personal message from Grandmother Moon, a luxury detoxifying Goddess Bath and a three card reading.  A wonderful way to harness the cosmic energies of our beautiful luminous Moon. 

$250.00/2.5 hours

Past Life Healing Package


The shadows of our past lives can sometimes create fears, blocks and complicated relationships.  Through Atlantean Healing we will get a picture of who you are, where you've been, and what you've experienced.  We will repair ancient injuries, lift out the aches and pains and pour  light into your third eye, heart and body.  

Following the healing, we will dive into your Akashic Records and ask your Guides for clarity on your past and direction for your future.  

Release your shadows and step forward with confidence and grace.  

$325.00/3 hours

Empower Your Life Package


This is a complete package for the person looking to bring alignment and blessings into all areas of their life and is a three part process through the use of ancient Sacred Geometry.  

Your first appointment will be a 90 minute Crystal Healing followed by a 30 minute Akashic Records reading.  Giving you clarity, balance, restoration and breath.  

Your second appointment is the Egyptian Aura Clearing which clears the first seven layers of the aura and sweeps in massive shifts.  With clear thought and purpose you are able to ask for and then manifest your deepest desires.  

Your third appointment is a home visit where I will smudge, grid and set up temples room by room aligning the energies to that of safety, love, magic and prosperity.

Together this package will bring great empowerment,joy and light into your life.

Package starts at  $750.00

Add ons

Akashic Records Reading


With the aid of twin crystals, we will open your personal Book of Life which was created the same time as the inception of your soul.  Receive guidance on questions from your past lives and find out what's been blocking you from achieving your dreams.  

$75.00/30 mins

Goddess Bath


Add a Goddess Bath to any session to allow you to integrate the healing and detoxify the body.  Experience a luxurious hot bath with epsom salts and sea salts, essential oils, crystals, and flower petals.  Be surrounded in candle light and enjoy a relaxing meditation or the company of a good book. 

$25.00/30 mins

Oracle Card Reading


Receive clarity and guidance about pressing issues such as career, relationships and finances with an oracle card reading.  I only use decks of the highest light including those with:  Angels, Ascended Masters, Fairies, Mermaids, Goddesses and Unicorns.  Feel lighter and breathe easier knowing the blessings that lie ahead.

$75.00/30 mins