`Why Kids are our Greatest Teachers

Working with children for over 20 years as a dance teacher taught me one thing, there are no limits to what they can accomplish no matter the obstacles or challenges.   Many many times, my students were my greatest teachers and their creativity, vision, open hearts and bright faces were an inspiration to me each and every day.  

Through my transition from dance teacher to spiritual healer and teacher, children have remained an integral part of my life.  Having my own two daughters showcase their spiritual gifts so openly and freely, without blocks or barriers, has shown me what I forgot while growing up:  magic is real!  From Energy Healing, Angels, and Unicorns, to Fairies, Animal Spirit and Mermaids, kids already know, see, feel and hear all from Spirit.  If they weren't taught to eat meat, they wouldn't, for they know the soul of an animal is as precious of that of a human.  They are the kindest, most beautiful souls I have ever met.  

My job is not to teach children about Spirit, but to unleash it and give them free reign to explore it.  To provide them a safe environment to discover and uncover all that they already know.  To give them the tools to protect themselves and also to help strengthen their voice so that others will listen.  This is my purpose and I am honoured to walk this path. 

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your child's journey.

Healings for Children

Children are amazing receptors for healing, because they are more quickly able to let go that which has been weighing them down.  Whether it is anxiety from tests and performances, to rehabilitation from sports injuries, from healing a broken heart from parent separation or loss to managing a busy schedule, children are always ready to be free and come back to the light.  

I offer many energy healing treatments that are safe and wonderful for children of all ages and parents are welcome to remain in the healing room or in the waiting area:


-Crystal Healing

-Spirit Animal Therapy

-Unicorn Healing

Recommendation for length of time varies by age:

11 & under-3 session package, 45 mins each  $160

12 & over-3 session package, 75 mins each  $280

Welcome to Wonderland (ages4+)

"Why sometimes I believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

I like to teach about all the things I was never taught in a classroom, because as it turns out, those are the things that helps us the most in life.  Once a month, I host Spiritually based workshops where children are encouraged to fine tune their intuition, breathe into all areas of their body to find stillness and expand their third eye to go beyond this dimension to discover what the Universe truly has to offer.  Each workshop includes information on how to connect to Spirit with time to practice, a booklet, as well as a craft and/or games.  Parties also include themed decorations, snacks and treats.  Topics to be covered include:  Angels, Faeries, Unicorns, Dragons, Mermaids, Spirit Animals, Tree Spirit, and Crystals.  

Currently on hold. 

Limit of 10 children per class 

$50 each, discounts available for multiple registrations

Kids Reiki Level I (ages 6+)

Reiki is the spiritually guided Life Force energy that flows through everything in our Universe.  This class will teach children about the Life Force energy and how to use it to heal ourselves, others and our planet.  Having the Reiki attunement will bring in more self love and help strengthen each child's intuition and confidence in life.  


-Brief history of Reiki and the 5 Principles

-How to expand our light and protect our energy

-What our Aura & Chakras are

-Creating energy healing balls

-Receive the Level I Reiki attunement 

-Reiki for Self Healing, and how to use their magic hands for others such as for plants, animals, and family members 

-Meditations to settle anxiety, find peace and connect to our Angels and Unicorns 

Currently on hold. 

$125 for one child, $100 each for siblings

Limit of eight children per class.  

Kids Reiki Level II (ages 8+)

This class is for children that have been initiated with First Degree Reiki (Level I) and are showing strong interest in discovering more about Reiki.  They practise self healing and reiki on others regularly and are ready to increase their knowledge and the flow of energy through their hands.


-Protecting ourselves and expanding our Light

-Chakra balancing meditation

-Learning and practising the 3 Reiki Healing symbols

-Sending distance Reiki

-Adding crystals to your practice

Recommendation of  at least 3 months in between Level I and II attunements.

Limit of eight children per class.  

Next class Fall 2020

$200 for one child, $175 each for siblings

Kids Crystal Healing Level I & II (ages 7+)

This class is for children who are very drawn to crystals and would like to know more about how to use and communicate with them.  Often these children have a special connection to crystals and rocks, finding comfort, security and wonder in the crystal and mineral kingdoms.  No prior healing knowledge required, just an open mind and heart which kids have in abundance.

Level I Curriculum-Crystal Basics:

-What are crystals and what is their purpose

-Basic crystal family knowledge

-How to choose and program your crystals 

-How to cleanse, charge and care for your crystals

-Using crystals for creativity, studying and good night sleeps

Each child will receive a manual as well as a beginner pack of multipurpose crystals.

$75 for one child, $55 each for siblings

Limit of eight children per class. 

Level II Curriculum-Crystal Grids and Healing:

 -Creating crystal grids for illness, insomnia, nightmares, anxiety, pain and more.  

-Practicing crystal healing on self

-How to share crystal healing with plants, animals and family members

Each child will receive a manual as well as a various crystal grids to take home and manifest with.

$100 for one child, $80 each for siblings

Limit of eight children per class.