Frequently Asked Questions


What is energetic healing?

Energetic healing is connecting to Source and channeling the Universal energy available from the hands of the practitioner to the client.  There may be light contact involved or no touching whatsoever.  It can feel like tingling, cooling, burning, lifting, or pulling as the body receives healing and begins to repair itself.  All healings are very gentle and do not require any physical manipulation.  Effects of each healing can vary from a couple days to 2-3 weeks.  

What can I expect with a healing treatment?

Most of my healing sessions require clients to fill out a client care form and include a consultation before we begin treatment.  Clients are then able to rest on the therapy bed and either maintain consciousness to be fully aware of the treatment or let themselves drift off into peace.  Soothing music and light therapy is often used along with guided meditations and crystal rites or chanting based on the therapy chosen.  It is suggested all clients dress comfy and wear warm socks if your feet tend to get cold.  

At the end of each session we discuss how the treatment felt, enjoy a cold glass of water and send you on your way.  

*It is recommended all clients drink plenty of water following a treatment and either ground themselves to Mother Earth or take a detoxifying bath afterwards to fully enjoy the releasing and healing effects.  

What are beings of light?

As a Lightworker, I only work with beings of the highest light and integrity, those closest to God's love and wisdom.  This includes Archangels and Angels, Ascended Masters, Goddesses and Gods, benevolent extra terrestrials, Unicorns, Dragons, Animal Spirits, and Fairies.  I protect my room, clients and self in beautiful white light to keep the vibration high, always smudge the room in between clients and light white candles to keep the atmosphere safe, nurturing and loving.  

Why do I need to prepay to hold my spot?

I have found through experience that people honour my time best when a payment is required upfront.  Much work goes into planning each session including saging and empowering my room to make it ready to heal and adding light and sound therapy.  As I have limited spots open each week, I want to reach as many people as possible and ensure I can see them when needed.  Last minute cancellations and no shows create holes in my schedule where others could have been slotted in.  

Are energetic healings safe?

All energy work I practice are safe and non-invasive ways to heal the mind, body and spirit.  Reiki and Crystal Therapy are widespread healing modalities that are being practiced in many countries around the globe. There are no negative side effects to my healing modalities as it can do no harm or be administered in any incorrect way.

Reiki and Crystal therapies can be practiced on everyone including children and pregnant women.  Atlantean healings are for individuals at least 12 years of age or older while Egyptian Aura Healings are for adults only who are advanced in their healing journey.


Energetic healings are not a substitute for allopathic medicine and does not diagnose, treat or prescribe medications. If you have a health concern, you should always consult a physician.

How often do I need a session?

The path to healing is an individual experience; a clients schedule can vary from weekly to monthly visits.  Ideally at least every two months is a great way to maintain balance and alignment.  Reiki and Crystal Therapies can be done multiple times each week, while Atlantean is recommended no more than once a week, and Egyptian Aura Clearings once a month only.  

If a client's condition is chronic, then more sessions should be considered to assist with pain reduction, stress management and emotional discomfort. If the condition is acute, or the client has a general sense of well-being, then fewer sessions may be appropriate. Also, in the healing of unwanted habits and addictions, the client may need to have several sessions to see significant benefits. 

Energetic healings are not miracles in themselves although they are indeed spectacular, game changers and wholly peaceful and beautiful.  To make significant changes to the life and health of a client regular appointments are required.   Even a session once a month can go a long way in helping you flourish on your life path.