Usui Reiki Level I


Begin your healing journey by reawakening to the Divine healing power of Reiki.  Reiki is the Universal Life Force Energy that connects us to our Creator, the Universe & everything within it.  

Reiki is a gentle and cleansing energy that balances the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  It can be practiced on just about anything:  humans, animals, plants, bodies of water, work and home environments, past life and karmic issues, health issues, healing from addictions, relationships, chakra balancing, manifestations and so much more.  The possibilities to improve your life and those of your loved ones are limitless.

Level I Curriculum:

  • The History of Reiki & the 5 Reiki Principles
  • Working with Light for protection and healing
  • Introduction to the Chakras
  • Healing techniques for self and others with ample practice time
  • Applying Reiki to animals, plants, trees and your environment
  • Level I Attunement

*Upon completion of assigned work following the course, all students have the opportunity to receive their Level I Reiki Practitioner certificate.  

Next class Saturday February 15th, 2020



Usui Reiki Level II


Reiki Level II training deepens your connection to Reiki energy and focuses more on practicing on others.  Students will receive the first three Reiki symbols allowing them to harness the qualities of each symbol delivering empowerment, balance and healing in person and distantly.  Reiki symbols are like keys that open doors to a higher state of consciousness and awareness.  

The difference in connection and healing power between an attuned Reiki Level I and II student is quite remarkable.  With the ability to send Reiki to anyone, across distance, space and time, a whole new world of possibilities opens.  

Prerequisite:  Usui Reiki Level I with a minimum of 21 days in between attunements as well as self practice.

Level II Curriculum:

  • Chakra Balance & Meditation
  • Learning and practicing the 3 Reiki Healing symbols
  • Giving and receiving Reiki
  • Sending distance Reiki
  • Animal Reiki
  • Level II Attunement

*Upon completion of assigned work following the course, all students have the opportunity to receive their Level II Reiki Practitioner certificate.  

Next class Sunday March 1st, 2020



Usui Reiki Level III


This  Level III Reiki course introduces students to the "Master" symbol and helps to heal the souls of others on a deeper level.  It further increases the connection between the practitioner and the reiki universal energy.  It helps the practitioner to become more intuitive and psychic leading to greater strength, self awareness and spiritual development.  

As the desire to deliver more healing grows, the practitioner is ready to invoke Spirit and begin to work with the Archangels.  It is a beautiful way to expand your healing power and help to heal your life and the lives of others.  

Prerequisite:  Usui Reiki Level II

Recommendation of minimum 6 months in between Level II and III attunements 

with a practice of at least 10 clients.  

Level III Curriculum:

  • Learning and meditating on the master symbol
  • Further study of the 7 chakra system and adding crystals to your practice 
  • Violet Breath Meditation
  • Call on the Archangels & Angels of Healing

*Upon completion of assigned work following the course, all students have the opportunity to receive their Level III Reiki Master Practitioner certificate.  

Next class fall of 2020


Usui Reiki Master


A Reiki Master is one that feels the passion to teach, share and learn the transformative power of the healing light.  Someone who has practiced and shared healing with many clients and loved ones and is very familiar with the four Usui symbols understanding their purpose and usage. 

This course will provide practitioners with the next step towards their practice by teaching them how to initiate others into the Usui Reiki lineage.  It includes master techniques for healing as well as information on growing your business, proper licences and insurance as well as practical business knowledge.  

Prerequisite:  Usui Reiki Level III(or equivalent)

Recommendation of minimum 2-3 months in between Level II/III attunement with a practice of at least 5+ clients with the master symbol.

All students will receive their Usui Reiki Master Certificate upon completion of this course.

2 Day Course, 14 hours of instruction

Fall of 2020


Payment plans available

Animal Reiki


Animals are amazing guides for us teaching us about unconditional love, courage, staying in the moment and embracing joy.  Like humans, they can also suffer from dis-ease, cancers, mobility issues and stress.

This compassionate course is for animal lovers and Usui Reiki Level II Practitioners. It will focus on proper technique for sharing Reiki with pets, farm animals and even those in the wild.  

Prerequisite:  Usui Reiki Level II

Curriculum includes:

  • In person and distant treatments
  • Creating a personal sanctuary where animals will feel safe
  • Working on small and large animals
  • Palliative care
  • Chakra work
  • Crystal gridding
  • Working with the Archangels & Ascended Masters

*Upon completion of assigned work following the course, all students have the opportunity to receive their Animal Reiki certificate.  

Saturday May 30th, 2020



Crystal Reiki Level I


Crystal Healing is an ancient practice written about by many cultures across the globe.  The power of crystals to heal, to balance, and to transform cannot be understated as they are the building blocks of life.   Crystals act on body, psyche, the soul and the environment to bring it all back into harmony. 

Prerequisite:  Usui Reiki Level II 

Curriculum includes:

  • Crystal vibrations, colours and families
  • Crystal selection, care and programming
  • A deeper look into the personal chakras
  • Crystal Reiki symbols Meditation
  • Crystal Reiki grids and layouts
  • Crystal Reiki Attunement
  • Crystal Reiki practice throughout 

Recommendation of minimum 3-6 months in between Level II and Crystal Reiki attunement with a practice of at least 10-15 clients. 

*Upon completion of assigned work following the course, all students have the opportunity to receive their Crystal Reiki Level I Practitioner certificate.  

2 Day Course, 14 hours of instruction

June 13th & 20th, 2020



Payment plans available

Crystal Reiki Level II


More information coming soon.

Launching in 2020

Karuna Reiki® Master Training


Karuna Reiki® evolved out of Usui & Tibetan Reiki from a desire and a knowingness that there is always something greater waiting to be uncovered.  To gain the full benefit of Karuna Reiki® one must be ready; and this can only happen if one's energy system has first been conditioned through the use of Reiki master energies. 

Karuna Reiki® has two levels and eight symbols, bringing in noticeably stronger healing energies.  

In this master training course, one becomes both a practitioner, able to use the energies for healing, 

and a master, able to teach others.  

Prerequisite:  Usui Reiki Masters Certification

Curriculum includes:

Day One

  • What is Karuna Reiki® and it's origins
  • Connecting to Spiritual Beings
  • Karuna Reiki® I symbols and their usage
  • Karuna Reiki® Practitioner Level I attunement
  • Practice using Karuna Reiki® I symbols
  • Chanting & Toning with the symbols

Day Two

  • Healing the Shadow Self
  • Karuna Reiki® II symbols and their usage
  • Karuna Reiki® Practitioner Level II attunement
  • Practice using Karuna Reiki® II symbols
  • Chanting & Toning with the symbols

Day Three

  • Karuna Reiki® Master Symbols
  • Violet Breath demonstration and practice
  • Karuna Reiki® Master Level I &II attunement
  • Practising attunements
  • Chanting & Toning with the symbols

All students will receive their Karuna Reiki Master Certificate upon completion of this course.

3 Day Course, over 18 hours of instruction

Fall of 2020


Payment plans available

Lemurian Light & Atlantean Reiki


 A unique combination of the ancient energies from the lost continents of divine wisdom:  Atlantis & Lemuria. The Reiki of the Atlanteans is an upgrade to the already existing Usui Reiki System which was taught to Nikolaos Baralos by Master Mikao Usui and the Seven Chohans of the Sevens Rays. 

 The combination of the Lemurian & Atlantean energies is powerful and yet gentle, pure and yet beautiful.  In this course we will travel through time and space and discover majestic information and wisdom, which will uplift our consciousness and the vibration of our energy! 

Prerequisite:  Usui Reiki Masters Certification

Curriculum includes:

  • Brief history or the lost continents of Lemuria & Atlantis
  • Grand Attunement
  • 3 Empowerments:  Phoenix, Dolphin and Dragon
  • Lemurian & Atlantean Healing Protocols
  • Ancient Symbols & the 5 Elements
  • Lemurian & Atlantean Master Symbols
  • Attuning others

*Upon completion of assigned work during and following the course, all students have the opportunity to receive their certificate. 

3 day course, with 15 hours of instruction

Mondays March 9th, 16th & 23rd



Payment plans available


Goddess Circles


For hundreds of thousands of years, women have gathered in circles to share, heal and transform.  Deeply connected to Mother Gaia’s wisdom, women were the wise women, healers and leaders of amazing ancient civilizations.  To heal the planet and our broken society we must continue to gather at Equinoxes, Solstices, Moon Cycles and significant cosmological events.

Spring Equinox Goddess Celebration

Details TBA

Thursday March 19th 



8 spaces available

Dancer Wellness Workshops


With over 34 years in the dance industry, I know dancers are some of the most mentally tough, hardest working, and committed people out there.  However when fatigue and stress enter the picture, injuries result as well as emotional breakdowns.

My intention with a wellness workshop is to bring each student back to themself, who they truly are:  beautiful, magnificent and unlimited.  

Each hour and a half class starts with a gentle yoga warm up, followed by a guided meditation to help raise their vibration, chakra balancing, and then adding in beautiful reiki energetic healing to bring in breath and light.  Dancers leave feeling refreshed  with a renewed sense of confidence.  

I also like to work with students on making true connections with each other, heart to heart, as well as with the music.  This improv based class is a great add on to the above related workshop or is a one hour workshop all on it's own.  

Prices start at $15/dancer and all workshops require a $150 non-refundable deposit.  Please email me at to book your studio.  

Crystal Healing Series


Join me for this magical course on the healing power of crystals and be ready to transform your life here.

Series I (@ Priscilla Lightworker)

Sunday February 16th 10:00am-6:00pm

Introduction to Crystals; learn how to choose, cleanse and program your crystals, their colour meaning and family groupings.Crystal grids and layouts; transforming your finances, health, relationships and happiness

8 spaces available

Series II (@ Spirt Path Studio)

March 14th & 15th 

Study Sacred Geometry I and II with the Modern Mystery School.  The 3 sacred shapes of creation will be activated with your energy field, increase your vibration and connection to spirit. You will learn how to use these sacred shapes to create a temple space in your home and empower your energy field.
In addition you will learn:

  • Crystal Magick
  • Crystal Healings
  • Crystal Readings
  • Crystal Dreaming
  • Crystal Magickal Forms
  • Enhancing Home Geometry
  • Creating a wonderful home environment


Email to secure your spot with a deposit

Evolution of a Goddess Series


Join me for this three part series where we will study female archetypes, tune into the rising of the Divine Feminine, learn about the power of our Moon Cycles and connect to the Goddesses of the Earth, Water, Air, Sun & Moon!

  • Enjoy sacred rituals & journeys with the Goddesses
  • Receive Goddess Activations & Healings
  • Come into your Goddess form and learn your Goddess name
  • Connect to the elements around you to enhance your Divine Feminine energy and keep your flow throughout 2020

Dates TBA