About Me

I believe I am an ancient soul, a Star Seed, with the Divine mission of Lightworking. Quite simply I aim to be the light, spread the light and help others shine their light.  I am an Initiate of the Modern Mystery School under the lineage of King Solomon and currently on the path of the Healer's Academy.  Thus far I have completed Modules I through IV of the Sacred Geometry Healing Series as well as being as Ensofic Reiki Level I Practitioner.  In addition to my studies with the Modern Mystery School I am also a Usui, Crystal, Atlantean and Karuna® Reiki Master, Atlantean Healing Practitioner Master™ and Intuitive Oracle.  I have strong ties to Atlantis and Egypt and one or both of these places is likely to come up in a session with me.  

I began my healing journey in 2013 when I received my first reiki treatment.  I found it so peaceful at a time of my life where chaos prevailed.  Within a year I had achieved my Usui Reiki I attunement, followed by my Usui Reiki II in 2015.  As I transitioned from a life spent devoted to dance, I began to share my healing hands with my students and their parents.  I soon began to realize my passion for healing outweighed my passion for dance.  In 2017, after 32 years in the dance world,  I sold my dance studio, traveled to Greece and fully embraced my spiritual path.  I started Priscilla Lightworker and developed a beautiful healing room in my home where I have since served many.  

My goal is to travel the world with my family learning and sharing healing.  Some of the highlights of my spiritual travels include visiting Stonehenge in England, St. Bridgit's Well in Ireland, The Parthenon, Delphi, Corinth and Ancient Olympia in Greece, and Ephesus and Istanbul in Turkey.  I have received multiple downloads and connected with many of the Spiritual Guides from these places allowing me to share further knowledge of light, healing and love.  I have a long bucket list of places I want to experience on a spiritual level with Egypt and Peru being right at the top!

My goal with each client, whether it be a healing or reading, is to leave you with more clarity, breath and a definite feeling of light.  I only work with beings of the highest light which includes our Creator, Jesus, the Archangels & Angels, Ascended Masters, Gods & Goddesses, Animal Spirit Guides, Unicorns, Dragons, and Fairies.  My heart is very open and I love to have spiritual discussions with anyone who is interested.  I look forward to working with your energy and send love, light and peace from my heart to yours.