Start your awakening through the power of energy healing and light

Start your awakening through the power of energy healing and light

Start your awakening through the power of energy healing and lightStart your awakening through the power of energy healing and lightStart your awakening through the power of energy healing and light

"Waking up to who you are requires letting go of who you imagine yourself to be."

~Alan Watts

Events calendar and promotions


Please note due to current events, all upcoming workshops, meditations, moon ceremonies, etc, will be taking place online until further notice.  

Free Meditation Friday

 Friday March 13th-April 10th from 8:00-8:30pm

Tune into @priscillalightworker on Instagram for a 

free meditation to seal you in light, 

and help you breathe and stay in a place of love over fear.  


Ancient Healing Wisdom from Atlantis & Lemuria

Wednesday April 29th 6:30-9:30pm @ Good Land Farms

Cosmic Journeys:  Into the Unknown

Wednesday May 27th 6:30-9:30pm @ Good Land Farms


Upcoming Courses & Workshops

Begin your healing journey by reawakening to your innate divine healing power.  Learn the history of Usui Reiki and how to use this Universal life force to bring healing into your life and those around you, in person and distantly.  

Expand your knowledge with Animal, Crystal, 

Atlantean & Karuna® Reiki.     

Saturday May 30th 10:00am-4:00pm

Animal Reiki Certification

Saturdays June 13th & 20th 10:00am-6:00pm

Crystal Reiki Level I

Featured Healings, SERIes & Events


New Moon Healing Journey

The Aries New Moon on March 24th, comes quickly after the Spring Equinox, and with it, energies of new beginnings.  With all that is happening in today's world we have more time to go within, to reflect on where we've been, to forgive, and to connect deeply with our loved ones, ourselves and Mother Gaia.

Join me online with this special night of connection and celebration as we do a meditative healing journey with Mother Gaia.  We will meet some of your Spirit Guides, connect to the four elements, and get a sense of direction for where you are headed next.  

Unlimited spots available, celebration will be held online via Zoom.

$15/person or $25/pair

Tuesday March 24th 



2020 Forecast Readings

The new year is upon us and 2020 is going to be a dynamic and explosive year of change around the world.  Paradigms will shift, regimes will fall and the Divine Feminine will continue to rise in unprecedented ways.    See how your path will flow with the Universe as we take on a new decade and new energy throughout our planet! 

12 Month Forecast Readings 

$100 Distantly


Ancient Healing Wisdom from Atlantis & Lemuria

Explore the Light of the Lemurians and the Healing Rays of the Atlanteans in this three hour workshop

  • Harness your light and ground yourself deep into the heart of Mother Gaia.
  • Meet your Lemurian Spirit Guides and receive a message about the path before you.  
  • Journey to Atlantis and enter the Temple of Healing allowing the Angels of Atlantis to help restore your chakras and soul to a state of balance.
  • Travel forward or backward in time to gain clarity on an issue that has disrupted your flow.
  • Awaken to the ancient healing wisdom of these forgotten continents and go forward with new insight on your path!

Coming soon online!

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Feel free to contact me with any inquiries you may have. I look forward to sharing energy healing and readings with you. 

Priscilla Lightworker

Edmonton. AB Canada




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